Why healthcare real estate professionals are in high demand?

The healthcare industry has been going through changes in recent years, driven by factors like the aging population, technological advances, healthcare policy, and financing. Health systems, medical providers, and senior living operators all need real estate and facilities tailored to the delivery of care. For example, outpatient clinics, medical office buildings, ambulatory surgery centers, and telehealth infrastructure are high priorities. Healthcare real estate pros understand how to develop and operate specialized facilities and make spaces efficient for the latest care delivery models.

Consolidation of providers

The healthcare sector has been consolidating, with hospitals merging into larger regional health systems and medical practices combining into clinics with numerous specialties. This consolidation requires reconfiguring real estate to bring operations together. Healthcare real estate experts assist with acquisitions, dispositions, facility integration, and master planning to optimize real estate. They understand issues like aligning building systems, floorplate requirements peruse, efficient patient and provider flows, synergies between departments, and more.

Transition to value-based care

The shift towards value-based care is also impacting healthcare real estate. There is a major focus on controlling costs and improving population health outcomes. Real estate plays a role through increased care coordination, preventive care access, and options like telehealth. Professionals keep these concepts in mind when planning and developing facilities. They also have specialized knowledge to structure leases and contracts to meet evolving business models.

Consumerism in healthcare

Today’s healthcare consumers expect a retail-like experience when they receive care. They want convenient locations, transparent pricing, top-of-the-line amenities, and the latest technologies when they visit a facility. These experts understand these consumer preferences and incorporate them into medical property design and operations. From the building exterior to the interior finishes, wayfinding, and patient engagement technologies, real estate is optimized for the best patient experience.

Capital investments in healthcare

With healthcare services in high demand, investors increasingly see medical real estate as a valuable asset class. Billions are being invested by REITs, private equity firms, and other institutional investors. These investors need experienced healthcare real estate advisors to source deals, conduct due diligence, structure transactions, and manage assets. Access to capital is fueling healthcare real estate development, so professionals who speak the language of investors are indispensable.

Scarcity of healthcare real estate

Land and property suitable for healthcare uses are in short supply, particularly in dense urban markets where patient volumes keep growing. Repurposing or retrofitting existing real estate work comes with hurdles. Healthcare real estate pros have the creativity and experience to identify and secure scarce specialized properties while navigating zoning, permits, and community concerns. They target opportunities for conversion and exercise options or land holds years in advance.

Health system campus integration

Many health systems are developing large medical campuses spanning inpatient hospitals, outpatient facilities, medical offices, research centers, wellness services, parking, and other uses. The planning, phasing, construction, and activation of these major campuses require healthcare real estate specialists. They act as campus planners to make interconnected projects both feasible and aligned with the health system’s strategic priorities and service lines.

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