The Truth About Digital Gold: Is Digital Gold a Good Investment?

Investing has taken on new forms and innovations in the fast-paced digital age. Traditional investments like gold have transformed into digital gold, giving investors opportunities and myths to navigate. As we explore the realm of digital gold investment as a digital gullak, we’ll address which facts are true about digital gold.

Which of these Facts is True About Digital Gold?

Myth 1: Online Gold Isn’t Pure Gold

Digital gold, like its physical counterpart, represents real gold of the highest purity. Every unit of digital gold you purchase through us is backed by real, 24-karat gold stored securely in Augmont vaults.

Myth 2: Digital Gold is a Bad Investment

Some sceptics argue that digital gold is a risky and unwise investment choice. Contrary to this belief, digital gold offers a potential return on investment of up to 16%. When you invest with Spare8, you enjoy 11% market returns and a fixed 5% annual return from us, ensuring you get more bang for your buck.

Myth 3: Digital Gold Has Hidden Costs and Expensive Storage Fees

Spare8 eliminates this concern by offering a straightforward and transparent investment platform. We charge no hidden fees, and there are no storage costs. Your investment is precisely what you see, maximising your savings.

Myth 4: Purchasing Digital Gold Requires Comprehensive Documentation

Spare8 simplifies the investment process for young investors with minimal documentation requirements. You can start investing with us by providing basic KYC information, allowing you to begin your digital gullak journey hassle-free.

Myth 5: Digital Gold is Not Real Gold

One of the most persistent myths surrounding digital gold is that it’s not “real” gold. This notion couldn’t be farther from reality. When you invest and save in your digital gullak through Spare8, you invest in genuine, 24-karat gold stored securely in Augmont vaults. 

Why Spare8 Outshines the Rest

Now that we know which of these facts is true about digital gold, let’s delve into why digital gold is a good investment for young investors looking to venture into fruitful investment opportunities.

Flexible Investment Options

Spare8 understands that every investor is unique. We empower users to invest as little or as much as they want, starting with their spare change from everyday transactions. With our roundup feature for Android users and daily savings option for iOS users, you can effortlessly build your digital gold portfolio while living your life to the fullest.

Effortless Onboarding

We value your time and understand that lengthy, complex onboarding processes can deter young investors. Spare8 streamlined the process to provide basic information simply, and you’re ready to start your financial growth with your digital gullak.

Security and Transparency

Spare8 partnered with Augmont to store your digital gold in highly secure vaults, routinely verified by independent sources with top-notch 256-bit encryption, the same level of security banks use.

Is digital gold a good investment? Yes. Does Spare8 let you make the most of this asset class? Investors seeking simplicity, flexibility, and security, head to Spare8 to know!