How to Stay Safe While Using Online Bank Account

In this digital world, everyone’s life has transformed to online. In that case, online banking is no exception. Indeed there are few risks while using online banking accounts. The sudden change to online or mobile banking is taken because of convenience. At the same time, there is no doubt about how efficient for you to use an online account, but the question is whether their apps are safe to use. To keep your account safer, you need to know how to use it as Safe Mobile Banking. Here you will get to know how to stay safe while using an online bank account:

Keep your phone locked.

If you use an online bank account, you must lock your phone. Because it might seem more convenient for others to steal your personal information like passwords and documents, or even they may access your account directly. It is good to make your phone more secure by adding lock codes and passwords or with biometric authentications. Remember to lock your phone to avoid these situations. 

Do not respond to prey texts or calls.

Do you know that a recent survey says people are highly trapped by clicking on random links they receive from mail or texts? Therefore hope you would have come across plenty of warnings while opening a bank account. You should not click on any random links you receive on your phone. These messages look exactly provided from your banking sectors, but it is good to avoid these texts. Also you should not answer any questions from suspicious calls from strangers. The following points are a warning for you to stay safe:

  • Do not provide any login ID or password or answer the listed questions. No banking sector will ask such questions. 
  • Do not click any fishy links or messages.
  • If you have any doubts, you can directly call or visit your bank to verify it.

 Prevent your passwords

Your phone is not only going to stay all the time with you. Therefore you should not save your bank account passwords or PINs on your phone, especially in the note apps. Why? Because, if your phone is lost or affected by malware, there is a high possibility of hacking your bank accounts quickly with the help of your saved information. It would be best if you did not keep your banking information to experience Safe Mobile Banking. 

Always use strong passwords.

Creating secure passwords is essential for you to use your bank account safely. Ensure your password is complicated and includes letters, numbers, and symbols in both upper- and lower case. Additionally, it is advised that you must change your password frequently, as this protects you if your password has been compromised in a data breach.

Do not access public networks for banking.

Please avoid using free Wi-Fi to access your Mobile Banking app, even though it is a great way to stay connected in internet. A hacker can easily gain access to the public Wi-Fi network, and they may monitor any data sent over it. Use a safe Wi-Fi network at home or your workplace for all your Mobile Banking processes.

Final Thoughts

Today banks take numerous precautions to safeguard the security of Mobile Banking apps. Additionally, banking has improved the features from Contactless Banking to free online transaction banking. Remember these simple instructions to secure your bank accounts to prevent accessing your account from thieves, hackers, and prying eyes.