How to stay safe while using mobile banking?

The world has moved to digitalization in the last few years. From shopping to booking flight tickets, you can do it with the help of your mobile. As everything has become digital, banking gets added to the list. With the invention of online banking apps, banking is made easier. Most of us wouldn’t have been to banks for years as we have these apps. Though they are beneficial in many ways, it is essential to be safe while using online banking apps. Here are a few safety measures to follow while using mobile banking khata kholne wala apps:

Install verified banking apps

While installing a banking app, check whether it is from the bank’s official website. Many banks provide the link which leads you to the app stores. Now, you can download the right app. There are many khata kholne wala apps available in the app store. Your bank should give information on their mobile apps and their features. Ensure that you download the app from a reliable app store.

Two-factor authentication

Make sure that the bank uses two-factor authentication for the customers. Customers can use it while logging into their accounts to prove their identity. The customers have to provide two pieces of information: a password or a PIN sent as text messages to customers. It provides high security to your account.

Set a strong password

One of the best ways to keep your account secure is to set a strong password. Your banking app must ask for a PIN for your account’s safety. While setting your passwords, use symbols and numbers. Don’t let others know your password. Doing this can reduce the chances of others using your account in your absence. Instead, you can use a password manager. You can use this to remember your password as they involve fewer risk factors.

Avoid public Wi-Fi

If you are using public Wi-Fi, it can let others watch what you are doing, as they are not secure networks. You must avoid using public Wi-Fi while involved in mobile banking. As there are more chances of attack, it is better to avoid them to be secure. Instead, use your home Wi-Fi or your data to be secure.

Beware of threats

The most common threat faced in digital banking is phishing. Phishing emails received by customers look like they are from the respective banks. It is a technique used by attackers to get customers’ personal information. As phishing comes as emails, smashing is another threat that involves text messages. Most customers think the emails and messages are their banks and give their personal information. To avoid this, be aware of your banking application, or contact your bank immediately in case of such threats.

Wrap up

Banks are spending a lot to protect their customers from attacks and to secure their digital operations. They also provide reliable information on their banking apps. You can do everything using your banking apps, from bank khata kole to your daily transactions. It is the customers who have to be responsible for following the safety measures and follow safe banking.