Aidan Booth’s rise to internet marketing fame

Aidan Booth seemingly appeared from nowhere several years ago to quickly establish himself as one of the internet’s leading experts on affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and building online businesses. However, his rapid rise to fame didn’t happen by chance alone. 

Long before his name became recognizable in online marketing circles, Booth pursued a variety of business ventures. In the early 2000s, he started importing products like scooters and kites from China to sell online using early e-commerce platforms. It gave him his first taste of running an online business and the challenges that come with it. He slowly built up some success, but then the 2008 financial crisis hit. Booth lost a significant amount of money as banks tightened credit and his import business collapsed. Many would have given up then, but he viewed it as a learning opportunity. He realized the vulnerabilities of relying on physical products and brick-and-mortar distribution networks. 

Having worked in search engine optimization, Booth recognized emerging opportunities in selling information products online. So he pivoted to solely focusing on digital info products on topics he knew well, like SEO outsourcing. He created step-by-step training guides, ebooks, video courses, and membership sites to teach people the processes and strategies he had developed in his earlier SEO consulting business. While many internet marketers kept pushing physical products, Booth doubled down on information marketing before others caught on.

Booth launched to teach people how to create successful online businesses by selling digital products. This site, along with the Digital Marketer Lab community and podcast, was the first of its kind to focus entirely on digital business strategies versus traditional e-commerce. Booth brought on partners like Ryan Deiss and Roland Frasier to help build it into one of the internet’s leading digital marketing training platforms. By taking an educational approach versus solely touting his products, Booth positioned himself as a thought leader versus a salesman. Digital Marketer’s training programs remain extremely popular to this day.

While growing Digital Marketer, Aidan Booth’s eFormula program reviewed was continuously testing and developing new information products. The most successful by far has been Aidan Booth’s eFormula system. This comprehensive digital business training program condenses his most effective strategies, case studies, traffic generation techniques, sales funnel blueprints, and step-by-step implementation plans. Launched in 2019 after years of development, eFormula was an instant hit. The level of detail and over-the-shoulder guidance far exceeded comparable courses. Booth’s transparency in showing real-life examples from his business also set it apart. Customers felt like they were getting personal coaching directly from the coach versus vague, theoretical lessons. The program’s success established Booth as the ultimate authority on building highly profitable digital sale funnels. While carrying a premium price tag, eFormula has become one of the world’s top-selling online business training programs.